10 Ways To Create Your Perfect Bedroom Oasis

Cozying up in a boring bedroom is, well, it’s just not cozy. Whether you’re tired of climbing onto scratchy sheets, sick of using tray tables as nightstands, or just plain tired of being tired in a room that’s far less of an oasis than it should be, it’s time for a bedroom do-over. Here are 10 ways to create the perfect bedroom oasis

1. Bedding

It can be hard to swallow the expense of quality bedding…until you remember that this is something you spend time in every single night. If you’re currently spending the night in sheets that aren’t as soft as they should be, or sheathed by a blanket that’s fraying, holey, covered by superheroes, or simply doesn’t match your style, go. Really. Tip for buying sheets: You don’t need to be Frette to be cocooned in softness. Target, Costco, and Bed, Bath and Beyond all have high-thread-count sheets that won’t bust your budget.

2. Nightstands

They don’t have to be perfect. They don’t even have to match (in fact, it’s better if they don’t). But you definitely need them. Where else are you going to put your bottle of water and well-worn copy of The Five Love Languages. If you’re short on space and opted for a king bed instead of a queen, you can still fit in a nightstand.

The laptop table from World Market takes up little space and comes in a number of finishes. If that’s still too much, opt for a mounted shelf.

3. Lighting

One word: dimmers. Nothing is more important for creating the right ambiance. Also, don’t just depend on an overhead light, as they can be glaring (and blinding, from certain, um, positions). Bring in some task lighting that can be used for reading and setting the mood. No room on your nightstand? Go wall-mounted.

4. Pillows

Nothing kills a good night of sleep like a pillow you have to continue to fluff up, turn over, fold in half or prop up. Invest in a decent pair. It’s worth it.

5. The right mix of art

Experts recommend not loading the bedroom up with family photos (‘cause, again, mood killer). Likewise, you probably don’t want a piece of art depicting the aftereffects of war, even if it was re-imagined by Picasso.

6. A good vacuum

Yes, nothing kills a good night of sleep like a bad pillow, and nothing kills the mood like a dog hair in your mouth when you’re just about to get romantic. Eww. If you’ve got pets, buy a good vacuum that’s designed for animal hair and use it liberally.

7. Proper storage

It’s impossible to relax and let the stressors of the day wash away when the clean laundry basket is overflowing and sitting right within your sightline. If there isn’t another place to put the clutter, you might want to invest in a closet organizer to create more space. Under-the-bed storage is another answer for items that need to be put away and can stay there for a while.

Baskets can also be used to store small items and bring some added style to a space.

8. Paint

If you’re having trouble sleeping, it might be because of the paint color in your room. Colors that are too bright or bold can actually keep you awake (hello, red walls!). Choose neutrals or soothing colors for the best chance of creating a serene space. If you just need to have something bold, painting a feature wall behind your head may give you the punch you’re looking for without interrupting your sleep.

9. Window coverings

Too much light streaming into a room in the morning can wake you before you’re ready. And a window that gets afternoon sun can make the room too hot. Before you break out the tinfoil, check out some window covering options for room-darkening and temperature control.

10. Flooring

Your room is only as chic as your flooring, and if the floors in your room consist of worn, stained carpet, it doesn’t much matter what’s on top. Clean it, rip it out and replace it with hardwood, or get a fresh new roll of carpet. But whatever you do, don’t leave it as is. If you’re not ready to make a change right now, a well-placed throw rug can buy you some time.

Tip: Since a throw rug in the bedroom would typically be placed under and around the bed, you may be able to get away with buying a few smaller rugs and connecting them under the bed to save money.



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