Buying a Home and Insurance for Your Mortgage Payments

A new home is likely to be your biggest financial commitment ever. Just as adequate homeowners’ insurance is a must, you also need to protect your mortgage. Robert J Russell can explain the various types of life, disability income and critical illness insurance plans to help you safeguard your new investment.

Life Insurance

Make sure that if something happened to you, the funds would be there to replace your income and help your loved ones maintain their standard of living. If you or your spouse died unexpectedly, would your family be able to keep their home? It’s essential to have life insurance to pay the mortgage for your loved ones if you aren’t there. Robert J Russell Insurance Agency and life insurance plans offer a variety of options to help you design a policy that will meet your specific needs, including affordable coverage for one or both spouses.

Disability Income Coverage

Disability income insurance protects one of your most valuable assets—your ability to earn a living. If disability due to a serious illness or accident kept you from earning a paycheck, the monthly income from an Assurity policy would help pay your mortgage and other living expenses. Insurance disability income plans are flexible and can be tailored to fit your needs and budget.

Critical Illness Insurance

Today many people survive a critical illness, only to face a difficult financial recovery. If you were stricken with a serious illness such as cancer, a heart attack or stroke, how would your family manage the mortgage payments and other bills, much less medical expenses and the costs not covered by health insurance? Upon first diagnosis of a covered condition, Assurity’s critical illness insurance pays money directly into your pocket, just when you need it most. It can help ease financial stress so you can focus on your first priority—your recovery.We want to help you safeguard your investment in your new home. Before you pull the “sold” sign from your front yard, call Robert J Russell to discuss your financial protection needs.

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