Try Kangaroo Valley for a Vacation


In the state of New South Wales, Australia, visitors will locate a very small tree-town known as Kangaroo Valley. The term tree-town applies to places which, though not too far from the city, are yet removed enough to possess a tranquil feel. Residents may include celebrities who make this their get away from Sydney or Canberra, both just two hours away.

In spite of its small population (less than four hundred residents), Kangaroo Valley and surrounding parts supply plenty of facilities for tourists to explore.

Accommodations include many bed and breakfast or guest house options. Some boast pools, while others focus on tending an attractive and carefully appointed garden where guests can relax with a cup of tea or a pair of binoculars. Think of something you want from lodging, such as spa treatments or gourmet food, and expect to find it here.

Then again, stay where you play. Arrange to set yourself down at the golf club resort, with its eighteen holes, tennis and pool facilities. Families, take note: while moms often seem to like spa treatments, dads might appreciate a weekend of golfing. Then again, choose to camp out while following the river in search of wildlife.

Since the town is set in a river valley, fishing supplies just one diversion for tourists on the hunt for big aquatic game. Catch bass at Tallowa Dam or Kangaroo River. Book a guide or take yourself out on the water. Both bodies of water provide opportunities to pick up a big fish, so have your camera ready.

Fishing can take place from a canoe or kayak if you trust your skills. Families can arrange for guided tours just to admire their choice of holiday location. Where calm water permits, very small children and disabled visitors can safely join the tour too and leave it to knowledgeable locals to point out the sights. Then again, if you feel more comfortable on land opt for walking, cycling or horseback riding.

Enjoy some history at Pioneer Museum Park. Demonstrate to kids just how lucky they are to have modern schooling by comparing theirs with the bush school. Show them mid-nineteenth to early twentieth century life including the dairy, forge and saddlery. It never hurts to recall how easy life is for some of us, where we can just get our milk at the store. Set on reserve land, this attraction also features a swinging bridge leading to bush walks. Afterwards, stop by the spectacular sandstone amphitheatre overlooking the green valley.

Yarrawa Estate Vineyard makes award wining wines. Sample their Walnut Sweet Wine, Chambourcin or Semillon. Afterwards, stop in at a cafe or restaurant serving Mediterranean fare, or even a fudge house. Be sure to stop at the local olive growers for some tangy tasters, though perhaps you should start with olives and move on to fudge after.

Kangaroo Valley attracts wedding parties to their lush, green locale. Splendid for photos, the town also facilitates groups of all sizes both indoors and out. Take advantage of being close to Sydney and Canberra for wedding-day needs such as the cake, dress and flowers while getting away from the city itself for your big day. After the newlyweds leave, guests might want to stay here for a spot of shopping, perhaps in local art galleries where hidden treasures wait to be found.


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