Healthcare Move is on!

‘The Healthcare Movie” documents the decades-long battle in Canada for universal, single-payer health coverage and compares its system with the American system. It’s eye-opening. If you haven’t seen it, you should.

Universal health care is a huge moral issue. Every religious organization should obtain a copy of this movie to initiate an unprecedented dialogue.

Medical bills, even for people with health insurance, are the cause of over 50 percent of bankruptcies in the U.S. About 600,000 Washington residents have no insurance at all. Every Canadian is insured and there are no medical bankruptcies.

In 2017, the Affordable Care Act will allow waivers for any state to pool all Exchange funds and subsidies. There are 20 states preparing for “state innovation” waivers in 2017. Many are considering single payer (not the insurance company profiteers) and insisting on universal coverage for all.

The “crazy” concept of mandating employer coverage of employees is greatly lacking. By making our system more efficient, humane and accessible, we can usher in a smarter world. A single-payer system would position industry and business toward a more competitive role locally and the world over.

Most health professionals would like to be providing health care instead of shuffling endless paperwork and complicated insurance billing. The obscene salaries paid to insurance executives should make everyone sick. Then, tack on the costs we pay for those worthless and unnecessary insurance ads. You begin to get the drift.

According to Harvard Medical School, 43,000 people died in 2011 because they did not have adequate access to health care.

The VA health care system should be merged into each state’s health care system. The VA currently purchases drugs in much the same way as the Canadians — in bulk — which could easily save the U.S. tens of billions of dollars annually.

Washington state has many legislators who have signed on to SB5224 and HB1085, which support health care for all. The bills are gaining momentum.

Do not give any legislator on any level your vote unless they support single payer. I believe we can create a more civil society, one that is intent on taking care of each other. People who pay taxes to ensure that hundreds of thousands of government employees get the best care are rightfully dismayed. Many of them do not have any coverage.

Universal coverage will go a long way toward addressing the unprecedented control that the 1 percent has over intelligent progress. A system where everyone is covered would, in effect, raise wages and relieve society of a lot of unnecessary grief.

There is no place in American industry where there is more room for improvement than the insurance business. They will fight to your death to keep the status quo buying off politicians and buying ads to obfuscate and distort the truth. Do not continue to let the wool be pulled over your eyes. Add your voice for change.

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