Check UNDER the Sink….Danger Might Be Lurking There!

Did you know that your sink bottoms are one of the worst areas in a home inspection? Rotted out boards under your bathroom or kitchen sinks can make water damage in those areas not only dangerous, but smelly.

Most homeowners use their sinks as much as twenty times a day, and any small leak can make the boards rotten before you might even notice it. You might also tip over a bottle of bathroom or kitchen cleaner and make the problem even worse if it contain lye or ammonia or bleach.

So at least every months, check those cabinets that have a drain pipe under them. Turn on the water and check for leaks….sometimes just tightening the connection under the hose is enough to fix it. But, you might need to replace it, too.

We have the best, but we still check it every month. I found water once in one of the bathrooms under the sink and that was enough for me to check out what to do.

And, you never want water or chemicals sitting on the floor of those cabinets to seep into the floor below.

Check it this week! And, then every month. Make sure that all the containers of liquid you have stored under there are well sealed and upright, too.



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