The Art of Cold Calling

Being in sales requires ongoing customer and client communication. The biggest fear most salespeople have is being rejected, by the caller on the other end of the telephone. Cold calling is not easy; in fact, it can be frightening. Same as writing blogs about cold calling.

There are some proven cold calling techniques that really work and they can help you to succeed in overcoming your fear. The first line of business is to set up an effective script. Words sell and people will listen, if what you are saying make sense to them. Even in cold calling you must grab the attention of the caller within a few seconds, otherwise you will lose them.

When you are speaking on the phone, use a calm and soothing voice. This lets the customers know that you are relaxed and they too will hear this in your voice. Keep your voice high and upbeat. Do not use a lot of unnecessary words when you are trying to make a sell. Using too many words without making a valid point will end the conversation quickly.

Talk to the decision maker to prevent repeating yourself and to save time. Find out the best times to call prospective customers and follow up on the times and dates they suggest. Let your voice be confident and relaxed and avoid repetitious words. Be an active listener and not a pretender.

Cold calling is an inexpensive direct approach – cold calling can be an effective and powerful sales tool if it is implemented in the right manner. How well cold calling techniques works depends on how well the salesperson has been trained, and how well the script has been revised. A poorly written sales pitch will drive prospective customers away; however, a well written script will definitely get their attention.

Even if you are already using cold calling in your line of work, you can always improve your techniques. Millions of businesses realize how important telephone etiquette and effective speaking is, especially on the telephone. Customers like talking to someone who is confident in themselves and in what they are selling.



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