11 Reasons why you should move to Texas

By now you’ve probably heard that more people are moving to Texas than to any other state. All anybody wants to talk about is how Texas has it all and you should jump on the bandwagon.

Maybe you should. Maybe you shouldn’t. Here are a dozen reasons why you should think twice before making the move:

1. Texas has jobs. Texas ranked #1 in job growth for the 12 months ending in January – with the addition of 322,400 jobs – and the trend is continuing. In January alone, Texas added 33,900 jobs. That’s more than any other state.

So – if you’d rather have an excuse to remain unemployed, don’t move to Texas. It’s too easy to find a job.

2. Texas has no state income tax. That means you have to keep more of your money, and be responsible for how it’s spent. It also means there are fewer government employees, so if you’re the civil service type, Texas isn’t your best choice.

3. The economy is doing very well. If you prefer driving past boarded up store fronts and grousing with friends about how bad things are, your opportunities in Texas will be severely limited. People are just too darned positive around here.

4. Texas is business-friendly. According to the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council’s “Business Tax Index 2013,” Texas ranks #1 in terms of the lowest costs of taxation on entrepreneurship and small business.

If you believe businesses make too much money and should be taxed heavily in order to “share the wealth,” Texas is not the place for you.

5. Texas is filled with open spaces and clean air. If you like being able to drive across your state without ever leaving the exhaust fumes of a busy street, and with plenty of time to text and make phone calls while you wait in traffic, this isn’t for you.

6. We go fast! Many of the roads in Texas are privately funded by Texas Toll road companies. Some of them can now be traveled at 80 miles per hour! If you’d rather poke along, and if you dislike private enterprise, you won’t enjoy this.

7. And then there’s the sunshine. Depending upon where you settle in Texas, you could be looking at as many as 300 days of sunshine every year. And without the smog to block it, you just might get too many of those dreaded UVA rays.

8. With too much sunshine comes lack of snow. While it does occasionally snow in Texas, if you thrive on spending October through March shoveling snow from your roof and driveways, and enjoy carrying tow chains to help your neighbors get out of snowdrifts, you’ll hate Texas.

9. Oil, oil, and more oil! If you believe we should import all of our oil from countries that hate us, you won’t approve of Texas one little bit.

10. Guns. If you believe guns should be confiscated and held only by government employees – or if you’re a robber intent on easy prey – stay out of Texas. We Texans love our guns and our laws reflect that fact. We have castle doctrine and stand-your-ground laws which allow us to use deadly force against anyone forcibly and unlawfully entering or attempting to enter our homes. We’re also allowed to defend ourselves and our families.

11. Cows, horses, and cowboys. Yep, we’ve got ‘em. If you don’t like “westerns” choose a different state.



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