Are you in Sales – what’s your cold calling focus?

I recently came across a strategy for improving cold calling results. It’s a surprisingly simple yet effective concept. I shared it with a colleague, who has worked with telephone sales reps for more than 20 years, and he confirmed its effectiveness.

Here it is: Focus your calls during any given time period on one vertical. Rather than making several dozen calls in one morning to a range of prospects, concentrate your efforts on one type of prospect (or vertical). There are multiple benefits to this approach:

1. You can fine tune your message so it will resonate with your prospects.

2. Your message will get stronger the more you deploy it.

3. You will hear the same types of objections, which will make you better at responding to them.

4. You will be able to give more relevant examples of the results your solutions have achieved.

Most salespeople make calls to a wide range of prospects every day. This means they have to adapt their message to each prospect. When you call prospects within the same niche or industry, however, you can use the same approach, stories and examples. Plus, it puts you in the zone and gives you the opportunity to speak to the specific challenges your prospects’ face.

If you plan to make cold calls this week, group them so that you call similar prospects during the same time period. I am confident you will see better results.

Robert J Russell helps sales professionals master their sales conversations so they can win more business at higher profits. To find out more about having Robert speak to your company or organization, call his office at 972.292.8967 or visit: 



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