Are your employees happy ?

A successful business usually includes a number of separate, yet important, parts. It can sometimes seem, to an outsider, that an element of luck is involved. Often, it may appear as though a business owner has been able to benefit from timing, for instance.

We all read stories about business owners who seem to find the right product to plug a hole in the market, at just the right time. But is it really fair to suggest that this is all about luck? There’s usually a considerable element of vision involved.

You may not believe this to be true, but it’s worth thinking about what separates successful business people from those who are unable to succeed. It could be suggested that there are small margins at work here and this may also be true.

It’s worth considering that the very best people often have a significant grasp of the details involved in creating a success story. They appreciate that hard work and inspiration will be part of the mix.

A great example of this comes when you looking at the office environments that have been created by successful businesses. Think about the fantastic buildings used by Google, for instance. Why do large companies spend so much money on business premises? Is this level of spending really necessary?

For a small business owner, there may be a natural feeling that it’s vital to avoid spending money on such things. Couldn’t finances be invested more intelligently elsewhere? This probably demonstrates the fact that most small business owners see offices in practical terms.

The office is a place to sit at a desk, to answer a phone and to send an email. But is it also a location that should be able to inspire others? Is that simply too much to ask? What is clear is that many companies believe that offices can be used to produce happier staff members.

This may mean providing free meals or drinks. There’s no doubt that this can work well. But it may also mean ensuring that they have the necessary space and tools with which to do their jobs. The bottom line is that you need to ensure that people are suitably motivated, in order to maintain productivity levels.

If you don’t have happy staff, then it’s unlikely that you’ll have a thriving enterprise. Could you create a more attractive office environment for them?

There are often simple steps that you can take in order to ensure that everything goes according to plan for your business.



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  1. John says:

    Spot on. Great post


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