Marketing with Little Funds

So you have already put up your own small business that you know will change the world, now what? How do you let people know that you are open for business? You advertise. Hand out flyers, in-store samples, and business cards. Invest in TV ads if you have enough money, and socialize on the Internet. Do everything possible to tell the world who you are.

Marketing can be a bit tough at the start, but once you get started everything will just follow. Here are good marketing strategies you can do that will help you market on a dime:

Research. Before you start a campaign, determine whether it is the most appropriate for your business. If you intend to invest in print ads, look for the best materials that will give you good market exposure. Also, team up with competent online printers that will provide you high quality jobs. Aside from focus on the campaign, it’s best to research on your competitors as well. Find out what they are up to. The information you gather will help you devise ways that will let you outshine them.

Tell everyone why they should patronize your business. Get obsessive in telling people what makes you stand out. Go out there and hand out your marketing materials, join forums, start your own blogs, update your Facebook status, and get active on all social media sites. Don’t stop in reminding people of your uniqueness. Remember that your competitors are making their own move. If you stop your campaign, they can easily steal your customers away from you.

Influence your buyers to start word of mouth. Don’t let go of the chance to create brand advocates. Turn your customers into advocates so you can gain more new leads. Word of mouth is a powerful marketing strategy if done effectively. Take advantage of this tool to get more customers.

Target the right market. If you target the right niche, you can be sure that no marketing dollar will be wasted. Every marketing material you send out will generate positive response. Target marketing will require a good mailing list. Be sure to organize your list well so only qualified individuals will receive your ads. Regularly update the list to get rid of bad addresses and unresponsive customers.

Get hold of great marketing pieces. Remember that marketing is not all about the virtual market. Printed marketing materials are effective today as they were in the past. Produce excellent quality and engaging materials that will interest people. Look for a good printing place that will help you craft stand out materials. Contests, surveys, and games are great ways to engage readers. Consider putting some of them on your materials.

Market with a cause. According to studies, people are likely to trust businesses that show concern for the society. This shows them that the business is not only after people’s money but their welfare as well. Why not sponsor charity events or join special causes that you have interest in? This will surly help give you the image boost you desire. But make sure not to make the events purely business. Show some love and care for the cause.



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  1. Great advice here for start-up businesses.


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