Interview Questions For Real Estate Agents

You don’t just hire a real estate agent off the street. It is important that you know that the agent you will hire would be helping you in a lot of ways. Interviewing them is therefore a good idea and a recommended step for home buyers. When conducting an interview, here are some questions that you should ask:

How long have you been in the business? The answer to this question would give you a good idea whether someone would be good to work with. Do not scoff at agents with no experience though. If you are interviewing a greenhorn, make sure that you ask if they are being mentored by someone. If they have a good mentor, then it could be a sign that they can be a good agent to deal with.

What is your average list price to sales price ratio? What this would tell you is if the agent would be willing to negotiate down the price of a property in favor of the buyer. You surely want someone who would be able to get you the dream house you want for the least possible amount.

Ask them for what strategy they will be using in helping you find the place you are going to buy. Since every buyer has different needs, it is important that the agent they are working with understands these needs and use it to create a suitable strategy.

Always ask for a reference. Then do not hesitate to ask these references questions about how the real estate agent has helped them in the past and if they would indeed recommend the services of the agent in question.

A good indication that a real estate agent is a good one is if they are willing to provide you with papers that you would be required to sign at a later time. This would give you a good amount of time to go through the documents to ensure that you are getting what your money is worth.


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