8 Data-Backed Ways to Get More Repins on Pinterest

There are all sorts of do’s and don’ts out there on optimizing your content for Pinterest. Keep descriptions short and hashtag-rich. Don’t use shortened links. Include price information. Verify your account.

But we don’t often hear about optimizing one of the most important pieces of content on Pinterest: the image itself. Are there certain color balances, layouts, and sizes that perform better than others? Seems like a pretty important thing to optimize on an social network that’s all about sharing visual content.

Well there’s no reason for us to wonder any more: a new infographic by Curalate breaks down exactly which aspects of images on Pinterest increase engagement, and which don’t. So check out the infographic below to see how you can improve your images on Pinterest — and if any of the insights strike your fancy, feel free to pin the image or tweet the takeaways below.

via 8 Data-Backed Ways to Get More Repins on Pinterest [INFOGRAPHIC].


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