Who is running your business ?

Numerous surveys in recent years have shown stress levels are up among small business owners. The most recent came from Brother International, but TD Bank, Hiscox and other businesses have all come to the same conclusion within the past year or so. Oh well, time to throw your hands in the air and just accept an overstressed lifestyle, right? Wrong!

There are numerous sources of stress common among small business owners just like you. However, by recognizing and limiting their influence in your life, you can pursue your entrepreneurial dreams without worrying about form 56-F at 3 am. Let’s discuss how to guarantee gray hair as a small business owner so you know what to avoid!

1 – Let Customers Ruin Your Day

Rude and obnoxious customers are everywhere. But, they don’t have to ruin your day.

Click here for tips on how to deal with them.

2 – Over-Tech Your Workplace

Ironically, my browser just froze as I began to write this. If that happens again, I will take this computer out to a field and re-enact the Office Space scene where Michael, Peter and Samir pulverize a printer that caused them enormous amounts of stress.

In reality, tech really can elevate stress levels. In fact, there is a scientific term for it: technostress. According to Wikipedia, it is caused by the following:

the quick pace of technological change

increased workload

lack of standardization within technologies

lack of proper training

reliability of hardware and software

If you can honestly say you haven’t experienced at least one of the mentioned issues in regards to tech recently, there is a very lucrative salary awaiting you in Silicon Valley. Oh, and Michael Bolton (the Office Space version – not the one he hated) would feel vindicated knowing the last cause on the list.

3 – Hire the First Warm Body

The mentioned TD Bank survey revealed that 20 percent of small business owners believe managing employees is their top source of stress. With this in mind, you’ll want to perform due diligence when hiring to ensure you get a productive employee. Otherwise, you could end up with a bad hire, which will really get your goat!

4 – Work Long Hours

According to a survey from Wells Fargo and Gallup, small business owners clock an average of 52 hours per week. This may be why, according to TD Bank, 11 percent of small business owners cite long hours as their top source of stress.

If you find yourself consistently working long hours, it’s time to hire an employee. Consider a leased employee, temp or part-timer if you’re leery about hiring a full-timer.

5 – Never Take Off

According to Manta, nearly half of small business owners didn’t plan to take a summer vacation in 2012. And, a majority of those who did planned to check work email and documents while away. In other words, most small business owners did not take a true summer vacation last year.

Unfortunately, overwork can lead to stress, heart problems and other health issues. Let’s not forget that it can also lead to gray hair!

via Five Ways to Guarantee Gray Hair as a Small Business Owner | Business Finance Store.


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