What do your tapes play ?

Perseverance is a day-by-day decision not to give up. Do you give up or do you keep moving forward ?
How many times in the day does that little voice inside your head keep telling you ” Its not worth it – give up ”
Just when you hear this voice is when you should ask yourself – Who do I listen to ? Do I listen to self doubt or do I choose to ignore the negative tapes that are playing in my head ?

Many people will go through life with memories of being told ” Your not good enough ” or ” You can’t do that ” and that is when you have to remember that there is only one person that is stopping you from moving in a positive direction – that person is YOU.

Some people call this game of giving up a Self Defeating Game. It is a game that you play with yourself and probably one like most of who struggle with on a daily basis.

My question for today – Do you give up or do you keep moving forward ?


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