The Real You

Many people live a double life; and what I mean is that you see the person on the outside but you have no idea what that person is like on the inside. You may not know that the person your looking at has such a hard time with him/herself that just looking in the mirror is a struggle.

Sure we all look good on the outside, we can fake it til we make it but the question I have is: What do we look like on the inside  ?

* Do we see the baggage that we carry from wounds that have have been with us literally our entire life ?
* Do we see see happiness with thoughts of fun times that we had as a kid growing up ?
What is the Real You ?
                   Is the real you real or is a person that your trying to be ?

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2 Responses to The Real You

  1. John Whiting says:

    So many of us are living with constant bs that we just constantly cover up and don’t acknowledge. When would NOW be a good time to address those!! love the post.


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