Self Esteem

Many people will go through their life angry, upset, having feelings of shame or guilt – not knowing why they are the way that they are.

What I have found is that most people will carry their baggage of hurt with them not even realizing that they can let go of it. How easy would it be to let go but instead we feel so comfortable holding on to it because afterall ” I’ve held it for so long – I don’t think I can let go of it ” Does that describe you ?

One of the commandments is ” Love your neighbor as yourself ” . This is a commandment that is not foreign to you – you have heard it for years. But the question is, if you don’t love yourself – how can you love others ? Is it possible to love others without loving yourself ? What would that look like…….would it be an intimate love where you accept people as they are without any judgements ? Or, would it be loving people on the surface without any meaningful relationships attached ?

If you want to work on your own self – esteem and get to a place where you TRULY love yourself – I suggest you find out more about my Steps To Winning Seminar.


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