How heavy is your bag ?

I recently spoke at a church congregation in Mesquite, Texas.  As I was talking to the enthusiastic believers, I asked them ” What baggage are you carrying in your life ?”We all carry our stuff. As children we have a small bag with all of our wordly possessions and sometimes things that happen to us as children. As we grow older we pick up another bag and carry it. This bag contains hurts, accomplishments, defeats and victories as a teenager. Then we get older, go to college or get a job and more accomplishments and defeats hit us……..and we add another bag as we go through our life journey.

The older we get, the more stuff we put in our bags.

What are you holding on to that you can’t let go of ?

Is it Anger ?  Guilt ?  Shame ?  Fear ?

How long can you go on and hang on to all of the bags that you have so bodly clinging to ?

When will it be time to let go and FORGIVE ?


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