What if the buyer doesn’t want to go inside the house ?

Often sellers will go next door, or get in their car and park around the corner when there is a showing- that way they know when they can go back home and get on with their normal lives.

So what happens when they see the buyer with their agent simply drive by at the showing time…..? and they don’t even bother to go inside?!

You know the sellers cleaned and made sure everything was just right for them. You have to know that it’s not the most convenient thing to have to leave your home when you are a seller- pack up the kids; the dog and the cat…maybe leave in the middle of the baseball game or their favorite television show, too…

On the other hand, I’ve been that buyer’s agent and when we are right in front of the house, and the buyer says, “I don’t want to even go in”, I can’t make them go in. It happens. I do feel badly for the sellers when I know they have left their home for this showing. But, the buyers have their reasons; perhaps it’s because they don’t like the land, or the setting.

Depending on the buyers and circumstance, I might say, “Well, we’re here anyway, it will just take a few minutes to go look, the more you see, the more you will know about what’s available in our market.”


“Things might look/seem entirely different when you’re inside looking out….than when you’re outside looking in.”

Sometimes, I think these things happen because, buyers don’t have the time to drive by the properties before making an appointment and other buyers dictate to the agent what homes they (think they) want to see, instead of relying on their agent’s expertise to show them only the homes that suit their specific criteria.

Doing a drive by before making the appointment, if possible, would help avoid this happening….

I know it is disappointing for the sellers to see.

I can feel them watching, staring holes in the back of my head, when I’m that agent in the car, too! If looks could kill, I’d probably be dead.

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